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Non-judgmental Support

By being non judgmental we encourage open communication, understanding and empathy. You can feel free to express yourself freely without fear of criticism or condemnation.

Some of the steps we take to be non judgmental approach for our callers

1) self awareness - our volunteers are trained to keep their biases and preconceptions aside while listening to the callers

2) listen actively - listen to you with attention without interrupting and forming judgements for what is being shared

3) suspend assumptions- we don’t jump to conclusions about your or your situation

4) empathize - we try to understand your feelings and experiences from your point of view

5) avoid labelling- we don’t categorize or label you based on limited information

6) Not cultivate curiosity- we are trained to explore your feelings instead of trying to find out more about your situation

7) patience - we will give you the space and time to share your feelings without feeling rushed or judged

8) practice mindfulness- our volunteers would stay with you throughout the duration of the call

Our non judgmental approach would help you to communicate with us freely and make you feel accepted

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