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Pukar Foundation is an emotional support helpline that provides confidential & non-judgmental support to anyone in crisis.

Call 9663896669

Our Support

We follow the practice of active and empathetic listening, providing a safe space to anyone who might be feeling stressed, depressed, or suicidal.

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We do not keep a record of our calls. We assure you that whatever you share with Pukar stays between you and us.

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We understand that different people have different comfort levels with sharing personal information so you can share your feelings with us without giving any personal details.

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By being nonjudgemental, we encourage open communication. We listen with understanding, empathy, and acceptance. You can talk to us without any fear and hesitation.

Under the charter of Befrienders India, Pukar Foundation seeks to provide emotional support.

Apart from providing emotional support over the phone, we are committed to spreading awareness about mental health & suicide prevention through various events. 

You can volunteer with us, support us financially with our operational expense, or help in spreading awareness about us

We care

We Listen

We Support

You are not Alone!

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